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My 10-year-old son had a great time this Summer doing their [Virtual Summer Camp] “Minecraft Game Designer: Harry Potter World”. The instructor was very knowledgeable and patient with the kids. My son was super excited learning how to make potions, red stone contraptions and lots more. The communication with the parents was great and instructions on what we need to prepare ahead of time were very easy to follow. Definitely recommend their programs.
Virtual Program

Eric J.

Built by Me has been a great experience for my 7 year old. Their camp was a great mix of fun and stem learning and she came home excited to share what she learned. To summarize her own words she felt challenged and didn’t lose interest (verbatim: “I like it because it’s never boring and I have to figure things out”) because she had to problem solve and learn a whole set of skills and use tools she never has before. I was so proud to see her presentation at the end of the week. And she came home with several of her projects and I was so proud that she had made those! Definitely will be going back for another camp and hopefully fall sessions too.

Marianne T.

My daughter loved the camp here. She attended 3 sessions. She brought home all her projects and I would remove a wire or take something off to see if she could figure out how to fix it again and she could. Me and my husband are amazed. He is an engineer so we are so glad that she is taking a liking to STEM and learning stuff that we did not learn until high school!!

Tashana B.

It was one of the best experience my son had making a movie, he enjoyed. Very good exposer for new creative work with LEGOs. Built By Me programs are truly built for kids and after each day my son felt so much satisfied. I highly recommend this camp for all age kids!
Virtual Program

Meena S.

My son is a budding engineer. This is exactly what he loves to do. I (mom) like that he is learning something both practical, useful and, to him, greatly enjoyable. Two thumbs up. It is the ideal fit for my son.
Virtual Program

Kathy N.

My children (11 and 9) have attended several events at Built By Me and loved everyone. My nine year old went to a course with the Girl Scouts and both kids participated in a birthday party and two summer camps. Each session involved hands-on, creative, problem solving activities. The teachers are excellent! They ensure that each student is engaged at all times in a fun and welcoming learning environment. They structure activities to foster both independent critical thinking and group collaboration skills. My kids’ favorite classes so far are Robotics and Podcasting. They love showing off their work and explaining what they learned at the end of each session. We are looking forward to attending more classes in the future!

Erika H.