Is Private Tutoring Worth the Money?

Over the past decades, private tutoring has been on the rise. More and more parents are seeking the help of a tutor to help their child advance in studies. Yet, it can be rather expensive, and parents frequently wonder if private tutoring is worth the money.

We wish there was an easy and straightforward answer to this question.

Sadly, we don’t. It really depends.

Not every private tutor is the same, and multiple factors determine whether paying for their services benefits your child and is worth your investment.

Factors that Determine if Tutoring is Worth the Money

1. A Private Tutor’s Qualifications and Skillset

First and foremost, you should find out whether the private tutor masters the subject matter that they teach. This will ensure that they will not only help your child complete homework but will know how to answer queries and solve problems.

While certificates and degrees are the most widely accepted proof of knowledge in a field, do not blindly rely on them. Keep an open mind as some individuals may have a different means of proving their expertise in a subject – such as a natural talent in something or a portfolio of accomplishments.

For instance, a native French speaker may not have a degree in French, but they can provide excellent language practice and immersion in the culture.

2. A Private Tutor’s Teaching Ability

Knowing something and knowing how to teach something are two completely distinct skills. It can be possible for a person with weaker qualifications to have better people skills and teaching ability than someone with outstanding credentials.

This is particularly true with subjects such as match, science, and languages. Covering coursebook material can be easy. However, if your child has a lack of motivation to study a direct and uninvolved approach to tutoring can even further lower their motivation in education.

A skilled private tutor should be aware of different learning styles and provide classes that fully engage students. This can lead to increased intrinsic motivation and help your child get better grades at school.

3. A Private Tutor’s Teaching Experience

A person with prior teaching experience will most likely have a better grasp of different student personalities, learning styles, as well as the best approaches to catering to them.

Therefore, you can expect a person who knows how to skillfully involve children in the learning process to be charging more than someone in whose classes students remain passive. While that may seem like a more significant investment in private tutoring, it can be more effective in the long run.

A person with prior teaching experience will also be more likely to supply references. This can help you assess their abilities.

4. A Private Tutor’s Teaching Approaches

Before hiring a private tutor, it can be helpful to know what teaching approaches they apply.

You may hire a math tutor who simply follows a coursebook and has your child complete equations. This can resemble a regular school class and not have a positive impact on your child’s willingness to study.

On the other hand, you can choose a private tutor who provides hands-on, real-life teaching scenarios. These can make learning material appear more useful and beneficial. As a result, your child can have more fun learning and retain information better and longer.

The latter will require more preparation time on the teacher’s part. Therefore, you can expect them to charge more. Yet, the results of private tutoring with them will be more effective.

When Private Tutoring Can Be Beneficial

1. If a Child Is Falling Behind

Most frequently, parents seek a private tutor’s help when their child is struggling with a subject. Thus, one-on-one can help them improve their grades at school.

This can have a drastic impact on a child’s future. Better grades can help them score better on tests and get into better colleges.

2. If a Child Is More Advanced

While this initially may not seem like an issue, it can develop into one if a child is consistently bored and end up having no motivation to study. Over time it may cause your child to fall behind even if they were initially at the top of the class.

You can prevent that from addressing it early. Private tutoring in the subject can help your child advance and add a new dimension to the subject.

However, you need to select a tutor carefully. Go for one who makes the subject applicable and uses plenty of hands-on activities. This will have higher chances of keeping our child motivated.

3. If a Child Has Interest in Something Not Taught at School

What if your child is interested in filmmaking, programming, a foreign language, or anything else that’s not taught at school? That does not mean that your child should wait till college to pursue that.

Private tutoring or extracurricular activities can be a solution to that. It can also be absolutely worth your money as it can boost the happiness and wellbeing of your child as well as help them accelerate their potential future success.

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