Vitor Silva

Founder and General Manager
Vitor is a self-driven Entrepreneur, innovative Children’s Education Advocate, and proud Father. After a two-decade-long successful corporate career in consulting and supply chain management, he decided to turn his vision of working with children into reality. Last year, Vitor established Built by Me to do just that. With this new initiative, he is on a mission to build a hands-on STEM/STEAM learning center dedicated to children that enhances their creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication skills so they can thrive in the 21st century. In addition to teaching children, he serves as a soccer coach for his son and daughter, he co-leads his son’s Cub Scouts, and he volunteers at his children’s school’s media center. Ultimately, Vitor is here to make a difference in not only children’s and families’ lives, but in his community at large.