4th of July Celebration

Built by Me – STEM Learning Center is a proud sponsor of the 4th of July Celebration at the EB Community Art Center. Stop by our table to say hi and check out what we have to offer at our summer tech camp! Our team will be there to present free STEM demos. […]

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10 STEM Activities You Can Do with Your Daughter

STEM activities

Regular involvement in STEM activities can make a massive difference not only in terms of the skills and knowledge children have but also how motivated they are to engage in STEM subjects. This is especially true for girls. Why Are STEM Activities Important for Girls Girls are exponentially more likely to lose interest in STEM […]

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The Importance of STEM for Girls and How to Motivate Them

STEM for Girls

As our society advances toward a more technologically advanced lifestyle, it’s clearer than ever that we need more women in STEM for a variety of reasons. There are more STEM positions than men can possibly fill, and we can’t ignore the fact that the advancements in science that men make aren’t always tailored to meet […]

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Make mBot move with Coding: No-School Workshop

Make mBot move with Coding – Robotics programming Campers get introduced to robotics by coding and playing with mBot. This one day workshop will cover simple robotics programming through mBot robots. Grades K-3: This camp introduces the basics of computer programing and robotics. Students will learn to program the mBot robot. The camp covers essential robotics […]

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5 Benefits of STEM for Girls

Benefits of STEM for Girls

As technology advances, STEM for girls is becoming increasingly relevant. Yet, despite this importance, many still believe that STEM is not for girls. Nonetheless, evidence shows that such thinking is not the reason but the cause of us having a lack of women in STEM. Let’s investigate what the benefits of STEM for girls are. […]

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Why We Need More Women in STEM

Women in STEM

The recent years have brought about scientific discoveries we never thought would be possible. We are making advancement in discovering the roots of humanity, know that there is water on Mars, have discovered planets outside of our galaxy, can successfully launch and land spacecraft on extraterrestrial objects, and have even created mice with two mothers. […]

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Spring Tech Camp: Be the Game Designer (K-7 grade)

Spring Tech Camp: Be the Game Designer (K-7 grade) Kindergarten – 7th Full Camp: $449 Per day: $89 Using Scratch, a programming platform geared towards children developed at MIT, and micro:Bit, participants will be the game designer. During the week, campers will learn about different game mechanics and how to build them in Scratch. They […]

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Film Festival : No-school all day camp

Film Festival President’s Day – Feb 18 $85 (full day 9am – 4pm) Early drop off and Extended day available Use your creative skills to produce your film to present in our first Film Festival. Students will use stop-motion techniques and our state-of-the-art equipment to make a short film to present at the end of the […]

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